Bison Woodworks

Bison Woodworks Logo

A couple of local woodcrafters are looking to start their new business after retirement. They are looking for a clean, modern look that appeals to all walks of life. 

Stockholder interview.jpg


During the stockholder’s interview, we discussed their vision for their website, printables, advertisements and the future of their company.  

Brand Identity

The final three sketches were sent over to the owners. Their final choice was the geometric silhouette of a bison’s head. This was chosen because it is clean, modern and is easily carved into their pieces with a cnc machine. These logos were created in Procreate and then transferred to Affinity Designer for file sharing. 


Wire Frame Sketch

The beginning sketches for their website. Created in Procreate and is currently being processed in Adobe XD. The next steps for this project are: building the site, creating advertisements for their social media pages and email campaigns.